Along with our Children's Sunday School program, Trail Life and American Heritage Girls (TL & AHG) are two of the central ministries we have at WCF for children. These ministries were initiated at WCF with one, driving purpose in mind: discipleship. Our goal is to make disciples of all nations, and this includes our children! 

In a learning environment that is both fun and challenging, each of these ministries is Christ-centered. While being Christ-centered, Trail Life focuses on the growth of young men and American Heritage Girls focuses on the growth of young women. 


Troop Night: Thursdays from 6-7:30PM

Contact: Trail Life Troopmaster: Jim Pfleging (

American Heritage Girls Troop Coordinator: Kristina DeRaps (

Current ages: 5-12 (although we are planning to grow into older ages as time goes on)

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